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Founded in 1985 on the knowledge of over thirty years of onsite expertise and experience. Heatherdell RBHammers Corp provides construction equipment to the continental US and around the world. Heatherdell RBHammers is the flagship Rockblaster dealer in the US, conveniently located 30 miles outside of New York City. Rockblaster Hydraulic Hammers are operator friendly, field serviceable and spring-less. RBHammers are designed to harmonize the long piston stroke with a nitrogen cushion at the top of the piston, creating less shock to the operator and machine. Rockblaster Hydraulic Hammers are available for sale or for rent. RBHammer’s Corp offers rentals and sales of other equipment such as, Excavators, Drills, Compressors and More.. Rockblaster Hammers offers on-site repair, service and installation. Give Rockblaster a call 845-353-5042 – we break the rock, not the bank!

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